Now, beauty products get high on cannabis; is it safe to use weed to enhance looks?

Now, beauty products get high on cannabis; is it safe to use weed to enhance looks?

While the market for beauty and skin care products continues to thrive with agog customers making a beeline for every new launch, the introduction of a new range of skincare products infused with cannabis is creating ripples not only among the common people but also among aficionados. These cannabis-infused skincare products are creating a buzz, grabbing eyeballs of many. Even though there is no dearth of beauty products and devices in the market, cannabis merchandises seem to have an edge over them.

As soon as the word spread about these pot-laced skincare products last year, they became a part of every discussion among the legions of the beauty business. With California legalizing recreational marijuana from January 2018, many see a business opportunity in these products. There are various studies that highlight the benefits of such products in beauty care. A few companies exploited these studies and started essaying the benefits of body lotion containing CBD, the non-psychoactive molecule of cannabis in their marketing. CBD is an ingredient that reportedly provides relief from anxiety, pain and stress. Many celebrities are associating themselves with these products, making cannabis further popular.

The list of products containing CBD is long, ranging from face cleansers to moisturizers. These skincare products contain either the whole plant CBD or hempseed oil.

Is cannabis really useful?

There have been discussions and deliberations about the medicinal properties of cannabis as well as its supposed role in a better sex life. It is also said to help reduce the frequency of seizures. Talking about its use in skincare products, it is a concern for some that the use of THC in topical form can cause a high in users. Even though studies are being conducted to confirm the effects, it has been generally found that one does not buzz off a beauty concoction that has CBD or hemp seed oil as an ingredient.

Now, as the regulations are changing and cannabis is getting more recognition beyond its key property of giving a high, people are slowly trying to know more about its other utilities. It might be one of the most controversial substances, but its reputation as an important ingredient in a growing number of beauty care products is on the rise. THC has been known to be that cannabinoid — amongst the 80 different varieties — that gives a high. So, in states where THC is still banned, products with this cannabinoid are not allowed, unless its concentration is below 0.3 percent.

CBD is the other ingredient that is used in beauty care products. It is non-psychoactive, which means that it does not give a high. Another advantage is that it is legal everywhere and has been found to be beneficial for beauty products. The founder of a famous beauty brand made efforts to popularize the knowledge that there is a huge difference between hemp, which is the industrial-grade cannabis, and marijuana, which is what is smoked. After many years, brands are shedding their inhibitions about cannabis being associated with their products.

Marijuana is addictive

Cannabis might be good for your skin, but smoking it can be a serious concern as far as addiction is concerned. It is one of the most abused illicit substances in the United States. Addiction is a scourge, whether it is to cannabis, prescription drug or any other substance. If a loved one is struggling with prescription drug addiction, seek help of California Prescription Abuse Helpline. We can connect you to one of the best prescription drug rehab centers in your vicinity. Call at our 24/7 helpline number (855) 738-2770 for an immediate assistance or chat online with our expert to know more about prescription drug rehab in California.